Services Offered
  • Life care plans
  • Medical cost projections
  • File review
  • Case management
  • Medicare Set-aside Allocations

About our Services

Life Care Plan
A Life Care Plan is a tool used for the purpose of estimating the medical and non-medical cost for a person with a chronic or catastrophic injury or illness. The Life Care Plan address goods and services, projects equipment needs, replacement schedules, and maintenance over an estimated life span. It is based on individual needs � no two are the same. ALP Medical Consultants has completed numerous life care plans including plans for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy, amputations, burns, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries.

Life Care Plan Critique
ALP Medical consultants provide a LCP Critique service. This is a review of a life care plan from the opposing side. It is compared against the diagnosis, available medical records and research of the file. We look at services, pricing and frequency. We can provide a written report or a verbal report. This will help you to identify areas where the plan is deficient and where it may be excessive.

Medical Cost Projection
Similar to a Life Care Plan but does not include a home visit. This is based on review of the records and provider information. The cost projection can help to accurately reserve your file or help you to place a value of future medical costs on the file for settlement purposes.

Case Review
A review of the medical records with a synopsis report. This will provide you with a better understanding of what has happened and what to potentially expect on the case. Again this can be a written or verbal report.

Case Management Services
If you need a nurse to help your client with understanding or implementing the provider recommendations. This can be field or telephonic. Monthly reports will be furnished.

Medicare Set Aside Allocations
A thorough Allocation report that is ready to submit to CMS. ALP Medical Consultants have written MSA in numerous States. We submit to CMS for an additional fee. We follow up on the status of the MSA and if CMS requires additional information, we will gather that information and submit it to CMS as part of the submission fee. We are Medicare Set-aside Consultant Certified.

MSA Administration
ALP Medical Consultants has added administration to our list of services. CMS has very strict requirements for administration of the MSA funds. Most people are able to self administer once they are taught how. Please note that administration fees cannot be paid out of the MSA funds. There are two options available with administration short term and long term administration.

  • Short term administration: This is for the person who will be self administering their MSA but needs some help getting started. ALP Medical Consultants will meet with the client as often as they need for a one year period. We help them to understand what CMS covers and what it doesn�t. We teach them basic accounting that is required by CMS for self administration. Telephone support is included during the year. We will meet with them when they are ready to send in the annual accounting to CMS to help them learn how to perform that correctly. This is a flat fee service for one year. After the one year, telephone support or home support is available for additional fees.
  • Long term administration or lifelong administration: This service is for the person who is not able to self administer their MSA. ALP Medical Consultants will set up a MSA account, re-price the medical bills, write checks to the providers, keep accurate accounting for the year and do the annual accounting to CMS. This service is provided for an annual fee.


  • LCP/MCP/Case review: billed on an hourly basis. A retainer may be required. Additional charges apply for depositions, trial testimony and expenses.
  • MSA: Flat rate for allocation and additional fee for submission
  • MSA administration: Flat rate for short term for the first year then hourly after that. Long term administration is a flat rate that includes annual increase.



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