Services Offered
  • Life care plans
  • Medical cost projections
  • File review
  • Case management
  • Medicare Set-aside Allocations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Care Plan?
A Life Care Plan is a tool used for the purpose of estimating the medical and non-medical cost for a person with a chronic or catastrophic injury or illness. The Life Care Plan address goods and services, projects equipment needs, replacement schedules, and maintenance over an estimated life span. It is based on individual needs � no two are the same.

Why a Nurse Life Care Plan?
A nurse has education and experience in the medical field. A nurse uses this education to understand the diagnoses and the potential complications; medications interactions and side effects; treatments and how they work; and medical terminology. A Nurse Life Care Plan is a collaborative effort with the client's providers, the client and family.

How is a Nurse Life Care Plan different from other plans?
A Nurse Life Care Plan is based on the nursing process of assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation and evaluation. Plus, Nursing is based on medical science and therefore passes the Daubert challenge in court.

How can I use a Nurse Life Care Plan?
A Nurse Life Care Plan can be used to determine costs in personal injuries, medical malpractice, workers compensation, estate planning, Medicare set asides, social security disability, developmental disability, or even divorce and family law. With a well-written plan, based on reasonable needs, your proposal will be solid and defensible.

What do I need to provide?

  • Life Care Plan: All available medical records. A home visit is essential to develop an exceptional Life Care Plan. The home visit demonstrates how the client is functioning in their own environment and what adaptive equipment is needed. It will also look at any home modifications that should be considered. A home visit can take several hours, as the client will need to demonstrate what their average day is like.
  • MSA: The last two years of medical records, payment history, prescription payment and history, Social Security number or HICN number, a signed CMS authorization, and a copy of the first report of injury.  Also if there are any denied claims please provide a copy of the State forms if available or a letter indicating what is denied.

How long does it take?
It varies by the case, the service that is requested, complexity of the case and other factors including how quickly information is received and collaboration is completed. We take the time that is necessary to accurately assess the client's needs.

How do I refer a case?
Contact ALP Medical Consultants at the number or address listed on our Contact Us page. The records can be sent by mail.


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